A Choice to Keep Precious Memories with Your Pet as a Figure

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Aren’t you concerned about things below?

  • You can’t accept the fact that your pet died.
  • You have health problems such as hyposomnia, loss of appetite, or being anemic since your pet’s death.
  • You can’t even think of a new pet because you really miss your beloved one.
  • You are feeling sad all alone, and you don’t have anyone to talk about.
  • It’s really tough to remember the grief of loss, but you don’t want to forget about your pet.

What is 3D PETSHOP?

  • Fully custom-made

Specialized on dogs and cats, they’ll make your special original figure, the only one in the world. It’s very easy to order. You just send a picture of your dog or your cat! Based on the picture, they’ll create your pet’s figure neatly and earnestly from their heart.

  • High-quality handmade product

The newest 3D printing technology is used. Based on the 3D data, a figure (three-dimensional) is made with an industrial 3D printer. It’s not made mechanically by following certain manuals or directions. A professional 3D figure designer makes each figure carefully and neatly.

source of a quote:3D PETSHOP

Why 3D Figures of 3D PETSHOP Now? 3 Reasons Why I Recommend

It’ll soothe your grief of losing your dearest pet.

  • Different from pictures or videos, a 3D figure just like your pet will sit beside you forever and makes you feel like your pet came back to you.

Based on your favorite picture, the designer will discuss with you until you are satisfied with the figure’s appearance.

  • • The designer kindly and thoughtfully listened to my request of forming my pet’s small details that only I know. I bought 3 figures in total and I’m very happy with them. I really would like to recommend it to you all.

Even though you are very sad now, you might gradually forget the memories with your pet someday. Now is a good time to make your precious memories into a form.

  • Through a very painful experience of losing Rinse, I tried various ways to keep the memories with Rinse in a form of something. I’d like to talk with people in the same situation based on my experience.

Gallery (Still Pictures)

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Gallery (3D CG)


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