Six-panel-comics-AI-chan 9 “Coming Back to Daily Life”

Six-panel-comics-AI-chan9 "Coming Back to Daily Life"Pet Loss
Six-panel-comics-AI-chan9 "Coming Back to Daily Life"

“Coming Back to Daily Life”
Six-panel-comics by Chieri


After I left the hospital, I wasn’t able to eat as much as before, so mom tried her best to make me eat every day. Although I didn’t want to eat so much at first, I could eat all and make the dish clean when I started eating. Only a little, but I was able to go for a walk again.

That year had unusual weather, and very hot days continued during the rainy season. So, mom took me out for a short walk around 10:30 PM after the ground cooled down. As before, I liked to go for a walk.


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