Showed the video “The Story of My Family and Our Beloved Dog” at Veterinary Grief Care Forum For Pet Owners in Kyoto

A dog who watched over the bonds of her family- Dog Lovers
A dog who watched over the bonds of her family

A Meeting With Dr. Minako Abe, a Veterinarian and Veterinary Grief Care Adviser

I lost my beloved dog, Rinse, in 2017. Before and after the death of Rinse, I had no knowledge about grief care, and I was regretting and blaming both myself and others for Rinse’s death.

Two years have passed with the deep sorrow of losing my pet, and I thought that I would never get over this misery. But in March 2019, I happened to find a website of Dr. Minako Abe, a veterinarian and veterinary grief care adviser. I wanted to have a counseling session with her, so I contacted her.

Before I have a counseling session with Dr. Abe, I wanted her to know about Rinse, my family, and me. Around that time, the video about Rinse that I had been working on for a while was just finished. So, I thought it would be great if I could show that video to her. The story of the video was written in one sitting with my mind never to forget the memories with her, which covered from the first time when I met Rinse until her death, including the last moment I could not stay with Rinse.

Dr. Abe said, “It’s wonderful that this story is based on Rinse’s view. Even after her death, I can tell that Rinse is still connecting the heart of everyone in the family.”

On October 22, 2019, I had a chance to show the video about my beloved dog, Rinse, at “The First Veterinary Grief Care Forum For Pet Owners in Kyoto”

Then in October 2019, “The First Veterinary Mental Care Forum For Pet Owners in Kyoto” was held. Dr. Abe was the main lecturer, and she asked me if I could show the video in front of people there. I was pleased to have her suggestion. Dr. Abe told me, “I think the story of Rinse will become a strong message to all the attendees. Rinse’s life would shine.”

On the day of the forum, I showed this video about Rinse in front of around 100 people. Dr. Abe said, “This movie showed that our pets would go to heaven at the best timing, and the bonds of the pet and family are eternal even we weren’t together at the last moment.”

Many people had supported me in making this video, and their hard work made such a fantastic video. I really want to thank sincerely from my heart to all those people.


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