Pet’s 3D Figure Maker Introduced by NHK, My Order Is Currently on Progress

3D Figures of 3D PETSHOP
3D Data

It was about a month and a half after my dearest pet dog, Rinse’s death when I ordered Rinse’s figure to 3D PETSHOP. The studio was introduced on NHK’s TV program, Ohayo Nippon in the segment called “Machikado Johoshitsu.” It said that there is a company that can create a 3D data and make a figure with 3D printer from a picture of the pet (dog or cat).

About a year has passed since the first order and I already have 2 completed figures just look like Rinse. I’m currently requesting some fixing points to the designer for the third figure.


How to Order a 3D Figure

First, you send several photos to them and they’ll make a 3D data for you. Then, you check that 3D data and request some fixing points if necessary. They’ll try to meet your requests as much as possible again and again. You can discuss with them until you are satisfied. When the 3D data is finished up, a solid figure will be made with a 3D printer.

3D Data Is 80% Completed. The Last Things Are Her Eyes.

The 3D data is very close to completion, but I really want them to express Rinse’s playful cute eyes. So, I sent them this picture yesterday. (It’s a picture of Rinse sitting on my son’s fitness equipment.)

“Rinse was really playful, and her charming eyes were always shining like marbles.”


I told them that I want Rinse’s most attractive feature, her eyes to look really cute and playful. And the 3D designer gave me a response today. According to the designer, the picture above is taken from a very wide angle and the eyes are more apart than usual. Unfortunately, they can’t make her eyes just as same as the picture, but they told me that they’ll try to make the shape of her eyes as close as possible.

They also considered about how to make her playful mood, and they suggested me, “How about making her ears a little bit flatter?”

For her shining eyes, they’ll draw a white spot light on the iris. They listened to my requests again and again very patiently and fixed the design for me many times. I really appreciate their hard work.
I’ll show the finished figure when it’s done!

Translated Japanese into English by picolisco

picolisco - イラスト・デザイン・英語翻訳・時々ルーン


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