Six-panel-comics-AI-chan 11 “The Switch of Fate”

Six-panel-comics-AI-chan11 "The Switch of Fate" Pet Loss
Six-panel-comics-AI-chan11 "The Switch of Fate"

“The Switch of Fate”
Six-panel-comics by Chieri


One day, mom took a half-day off in the afternoon and came back from the office by taxi. She made the taxi wait in front of the apartment and rushed into her room.

Since mom came back home so early that day, I was so surprised that my ears stood up like a rabbit. When I get surprised, my ears always stood up like a rabbit. Mom put me in the carrier in haste, and we got inside the waiting taxi to go to the hospital.

I loved to go for a drive. My previous mom often took us to a dog park by car, so I felt happy because I thought I could go to a dog park. Mom put her hand in the carrier and gently patted my head again and again in the taxi.

I was expecting to go to a dog park, but after an hour drive by taxi, the place we came to was a new hospital for us, not a dog park. It was the hospital where the professional vet of the heart treatment belonged that mom found on the Internet.

I took all the tests there, and when it was time to listen to the results, I felt sick suddenly. It seemed like I had pulmonary edema again. The vet tried to give an intravenous drip to me as an emergency treatment, but the needle didn’t go into my blood vessel of my hand.

I was in a critical condition. Finally, the needle went inside my blood vessel, and I got better, but I was hospitalized that day for care.


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The meeting and parting with AI, an adopted dog
I wanted to make the proof of AI’s life in shape.
This animation made that wish come true.
The link of the film is below:

I hope this film will be of some encouragement to those who are suffering from pet loss. 
I would be grateful if you would watch it. 


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