Looked for a Perfect Grave of My Beloved Dog

I found a perfect grave for super bright and playful Rinse! Pet Loss
I found a perfect grave for super bright and playful Rinse!

I Found a Perfect Grave for My Super Bright and Playful Rinse!

On the Internet, I was looking for a cute grave perfect for my super bright and playful Rinse. I looked at various items, and I finally found a perfect one for Rinse! You can engrave a picture on the tombstone from your favorite photo!

It’s called “Shion Memorial Stone Pet Ceremony Custom-Made Garden Type,” and you can make your dog’s original gravestone using your beloved dog’s picture on a beautiful tombstone that can be chosen from 3 colors.

Shion Memorial Stone Pet Ceremony Custom-Made Garden Type

Rinse passed away on May 9, 2017. At night on the day she died, my son drove 3 hours and came to my place after work. We went to a temple that was far and up on a mountain and cremated her. It was late at night, but the chief priest understood our situation and courteously read the sutras before her cremation. After that, I had Rinse’s bones at my apartment for a month and a half. It was because I haven’t decided where to bury her. I researched a lot about a pet’s grave on the Internet and contacted many places, but I wasn’t able to make a decision yet. I contacted the temples near my ex-husband’s house where Rinse spent most of her time, the temples near my current apartment where Rinse spent the time with me, and many others. I asked them if a burial of a pet is acceptable or not, and there were also conditions such as a combination burial or an individual burial, so it was pretty difficult to find a graveyard for a pet. However, I couldn’t think of burying her alone at a place where Rinse has never gone for a walk, or at a temple that is far and up the mountains. Rinse didn’t like to be alone and got scared often, so I wasn’t able to decide the place. On the other hand, there was no choice for me from the beginning to bury her in the yard of my ex-husband’s house, where Rinse spent most of her time with her family. I couldn’t think of him saying yes to this idea. When I was feeling lost, my daughter Toko told me, “I asked Dad, and he said that Rinse would be happy if we bury her in the yard! He agreed to put the tombstone there, too!” I was so thankful for my ex-husband at this moment.

Choosing the Best Picture for Engraving!

I chose the tombstone, my son Koh chose the picture, and my daughter Toko and her boyfriend, who both have a good artistic sense, made an idea of the message and chose the design of the letters, and they contacted the manufacturer. We divided the work for it. We were able to choose the color of the tombstone from 3 colors: red, green, or black. They all looked beautiful, and I couldn’t decide it quickly, but I chose red at last. To engrave on the tombstone, we had to give a high-resolution picture. We sent them several pictures from our favorites, but they all didn’t have enough resolution. We didn’t give up and tried to look for some other photos. And finally, we found a perfect picture that showed a very playful and charming Rinse! The resolution of that photo was high enough, too. On that picture, there was also her favorite ball that she played with so much that it got ragged, and they said that they will engrave that ball together.

The photo that perfectly showed a very playful and charming Rinse

The design of the engraving is finally finished

We Buryed Her in the Yard of the House where Rinse Spent Most of Her Time with Her Family

On June 17, after a month and a half since Rinse died on May 9, 2017, my son (Koh) and my daughter (Toko) came to my apartment, and that night, we talked about Rinse together a lot. On the next day, the 18th, we went for 3 hours by train to go to my ex-husband’s house.

Actually, at night on the 17th, after Koh went to bed, Toko and I made a video from Rinse’s pictures. It took until the next morning to make that video. At my ex-husband’s house, we saw that movie together with three of us before burying Rinse’s bones in the yard, and we cried and laughed. Then, we buried her in the yard and offered her some flower arrangements.

We buried her and offered some flower arrangements

Rinse rests in peace in the yard of the house where she spent most of her time with her family

Two Years Later in May, I Visited Her Grave

On May 4, 2019, after 2 years since then, I went to visit Rinse’s grave with my daughter, Toko. Two years have passed, so I thought the color of the tombstone could have faded, but it was still as beautiful. In the warm sunshine of May, there was Rinse with a wonderful smile shining brightly on the tombstone.

When I was weeding around Rinse’s grave, a lady living at the next door was also weeding her garden. She was also a dog-lover, so while weeding together, we talked a lot about dogs and the time when I was living there and when our children were small. We had a great time talking about the past!

Visiting Rinse’s grave after 2 years since her death

The color of the tombstone didn’t fade after 2 years, and it was shining in the warm sunshine of May

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