Six-panel-comics-AI-chan 6 “Compare”

Six-panel-comics-AI-chan6 "Compare" Pet Loss
Six-panel-comics-AI-chan6 "Compare"

Six-panel-comics by Chieri


My mom often thought back of Rinse and cried secretly. There were many pictures of Rinse at home, and there were also many toys and clothes of hers.

Rinse was a very cute girl, and even a professional photographer asked her to be a model. So, I heard that Rinse’s pictures are still used all over the world. My hair color and appearance did look like Rinse, but I had a big piggy nose. I was also big and chubby, and my eyes were big, but they were droopy.

When mom took Shampoo and me to her parent’s home during the summer vacation or the new year season, she often said to her family with laughter, “Different from Rinse, Aiko is a little ugly.” But when she said that, grandma always told mom, “Don’t say that, Ai-chan is listening.”


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Translation from Japanese to English by picolisco

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The meeting and parting with AI, an adopted dog
I wanted to make the proof of AI’s life in shape.
This animation made that wish come true.
The link of the film is below:

I hope this film will be of some encouragement to those who are suffering from pet loss.
I would be grateful if you would watch it.


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