The First Year of Reiwa, Hawaii Trip with My Mother (A Trip of Great Encounters DAY-2)

Mysterious light coming down through the cloudsDaughterly Duty
The beginning of the first year of Reiwa, May 1st. Mysterious light coming down through the clouds

The articles about the 3-day trip in Hawaii are written in a series. DAY-1, DAY-2, and DAY-3, they are divided into 3 articles by the day of our stay. This article writes about DAY-2, “The First Year of Reiwa, Hawaii Trip with My Mother (A Trip of Great Encounters DAY-2).”

Meeting “Fire,” an Oahu Island Guide That I Requested on Traveloco

On the second day, April 30th in local time, my mother and I were expecting for our main event of this trip, sightseeing in Oahu Island. Actually, in Japan time, this day was the beginning of the first year of Reiwa, May 1st. I think spending my time in Hawaii on that memorial day will definitely be a great memory throughout my life.

For sightseeing in Oahu Island, I used a service called “Traveloco” and asked “Fire,” a Japanese person living in Hawaii, to guide us. On this website, Traveloco, Japanese people living abroad (Locos) in 2,352 cities all around the world are registered. It’s a very useful service where you see their self-introduction with a picture and contact them via a private message tool on Traveloco, and you can request a service to the person (Loco) who you like. When I asked “Fire” to guide us, she kindly told me, “I’d definitely like to help your filial piety.” Just as she said, she was really nice to us, and she even took us to a great place where there are fewer tourists.

We Went to Iolani Center near Ala Moana Shopping Center to See Some Muumuu

First, we went to Iolani Center. My mother said that when she was young, she has been to Hawaii and bought a muumuu at a sewing factory. She still has that muumuu and taking good care of it. It seems like she really wanted another one and she says that she wants to go to a sewing factory really badly, so I found this Iolani Center near Ala Moana Shopping Center on the Internet and asked Fire to take us there. When Fire asked the shop in advance, unfortunately, the factory had closed about 6 months ago. So, they said that they can’t fix the size of the clothes, but there are 3 types of small sizes so that small Japanese people can wear, and they’ll fit most people. Fire told us that it’d be cheaper than buying in Waikiki. Of course, we decided to go there. Inside the large shop, there were many stylish and beautiful muumuus, aloha shirts, and goods.


Iolani Center


There were many stylish muumuus, aloha shirts, and kids’ clothes in the shop


There were also collaboration items of Hello Kitty and Pikachu


A stylish coffee shop located in the center of Iolani Center

Waimanalo Beach, Such a Beautiful Place That Was Difficult to Describe in Words

After that, Fire took us to the wonderful little-known place where she is proud of. She parked the car, and we walked to the beach. Between the trees, a scenery suddenly opened in front of us, and my mother and I both shouted “Wow!”


Waimanalo Beach, which suddenly appeared in front of us between the trees


A beautiful and breath-taking emerald green spread in front of us; Waimanalo Beach


Mysterious light coming down through the clouds


 Amazing contrast of the sky, ocean, clouds, and mountains


Panorama view of Waimanalo Beach

Koko Head

Next, we went to see Koko Head. It was a magnificent view.

ココヘッド パノラマビュー

Panorama view of Koko Head

I found it out later, but there was a weird picture in one of the many scenes I took. This picture was taken with my iPhone, but I have no idea why this happened. If someone knows the reason for this phenomenon, please let me know!


A mysterious picture of Koko Head

The View from the Car Window

It seemed like people in Hawaii prefer to live near the ocean or on top of the hills with a good view, and there are rows of houses up to the top of the mountains.


A view from the car window, a steep road on the hill going in the middle of the rows of houses built up to the top


 Beautiful flowers on the trees seeing from the car window

Dessert Recommended by Fire


Dessert Recommended by Fire

The Meeting with a Wonderful Person, Fire, Became Our Great Memory in Hawaii

While my mother and I were being excited and shouting for joy in the beautiful scenery, the 3 hours time limit with Fire flew by. Since Fire was so kind to us and we wanted to thank her additionally to the payment on Traveloco, we asked her to go dinner together, but unfortunately, she said no thank you. Instead, Fire took us to a shop that offers good fruit desserts, and I treated her to a dessert there. It was very delicious!

Fire dropped us at Ala Moana Center, and we said goodbye to her.

Fire guided us to wonderful places such as Waimanalo Beach and others, and it became a good memory for us. Fire was a fantastic person, and it was great meeting her. I thought I really want to come to Hawaii again and I’d like Fire to guide us in Hawaii next time, too.

Going Back to the Hotel by Pink Line of Waikiki Trolley from Ala Moana Center


Waikiki Trolley (Pink Line)

After enjoying shopping at Ala Moana Center, we went back by Waikiki Trolley that departs from there. There was a stop in front of Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel, so it was very convenient. It costs $2 for one way from Ala Moana Center to the hotel, but if you own a JTB credit card and show it, it becomes free of charge.

Emi the Legend Introduced Us an Easy Japanese Restaurant 3 Minutes from the Hotel

After coming back to the hotel, we went to Emi’s shop right away. And we talked about our day to her. Emi was so kind, and she warmly welcomed us as we came back home. While we were enjoying talking, we found out that Emi was the same age as my mother! Wow! It was such a coincidence, and I was very surprised. My mother’s legs aren’t good, but Emi has been playing golf for a long time, and she was very active. She calls her shop “a gym,” and she quickly and actively moves around to treat customers every time when someone comes in. Emi has been living in Hawaii for more than 60 years, and during that time, she had owned several shops in Hilton and Sheraton. On the wall of her shop, there were hundreds of pictures that she took together with celebrities, and those pictures showed her close friendships with influential figures of various fields when she was young until now. What kind of person is she???

Emi told us several easy Japanese restaurants that are located within 3 minutes from the hotel. I wrote the details about it in the article “Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel Was Excellent!” So, please check this article, too!

Continue to DAY-3. Please don’t miss it!

The First Year of Reiwa, Hawaii Trip with My Mother (A Trip of Great Encounters DAY-3)
The articles about the 3-day trip in Hawaii are written in a series. DAY-1, DAY-2, and DAY-3, they are divided into 3 articles by the day of our stay. This article writes about DAY-2, “The First Year of Reiwa, Hawaii Trip with My Mother (A Trip of Great Encounters DAY-3).”

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