This was the story of a small dog that kept watching the bonds of a family (Episode 3)

Illustration by Lashkevich Nataliya (Instagram : rinrinrin391) Animated-Story
Illustration by Lashkevich Nataliya (Instagram : rinrinrin391)

This was the story of a small dog that kept watching the bonds of a family

Episode 3


Up to the previous episode, I talked about the Singapore life of my mommy and me. Merlion Park, National Museum of Singapore, and Hawkers, anywhere I went, I was always with my mommy. I was 4 years old at the time, and I was very curious. My mommy’s colleagues at the office in Singapore took care of me a lot, and it was fun every day. However, Koh was missing me badly and couldn’t stand that anymore, and he told my mommy that he would disown her if she wouldn’t come back to Japan with me immediately. My mommy decided to go back to Japan.


Our first apartment

After coming back to Japan, we started from zero. My mommy’s salary was low first and our living was very tight financially. So, our apartment’s conditions were really bad. But my mommy’s position in the company gradually went up. As my mommy’s salary get raised, she moved to a better apartment for me again and again. Our first apartment was pretty far from the office, and my mommy had to commute by train and bus.


Our second apartment

The second apartment was a small studio apartment that was 15 minutes away by bike from my mommy’s office. But another apartment was standing very close, so the only window of our room didn’t catch any light and it was dark even during the day time.


Our third apartment

The third apartment was 10 minutes by walk from my mommy’s office, which was very convenient, and it was a 2DK room and a lot bigger, but it was a no-pet room, so I had to be a secret. There were some other residents who were having pets secretly, but the janitor warned us several times and it was uncomfortable, so we decided to move again.


Our fourth apartment

The fourth apartment is our current room. It was 10 minutes by walk from the office, and a pet allowed 2DK place. It was also near a train station, and we could get good sunshine. It was the best room ever.


Going for a walk

My mommy felt really sorry for leaving me alone in a small room for a long time while she was at work. So, my mommy woke up at 5 A.M. and also after work at night, she took me out for a walk for an hour each time, every day even a snowy day or a windy day. I really loved to go for a walk.


A golden retriever

On the way we always went out for a walk, there was a golden retriever tied up at the small entrance. The sunlight directly shined on the dog in summer. At the dog’s feet, there were full of feces and urine, and many flies were flying around. Everyone can see that the owner wasn’t taking care of the dog and it looked very pitiful. When my mommy passes by that dog, she always carried me tightly. I really felt my mommy’s strong feeling that she won’t definitely make me become like that dog and she’ll love and take care of me for my whole life.


On every weekend, my mommy took me to see Koh by train

Every weekend, my mommy took me to see Koh. But Koh’s days off of work became irregular, and it became difficult to match with my mommy’s days off. Koh wasn’t able to see me often and he couldn’t bear that anymore. To let Koh see me more, my family decided to take me to my daddy who lives in the same prefecture as Koh’s.


Going to daddy’s place

My daddy was trying to say no to take care of me… but he reluctantly agreed to take care of me.


My life with daddy

In reality, it was different. My daddy said bitter things to my mommy, and he seemed like he’ll take care of me reluctantly, but actually, he loved me very much.


Mommy being alone

My mommy was in pet loss for sending me away and she had lonely days. Then, 3 years have passed.


Mommy and daddy’s big argument

One day, my mommy and daddy met after a long time and had a big argument. Because of that argument, my daddy yelled at my mommy saying, “Take the dog with you!” But honestly, he didn’t want to send me away.


A life with my mommy again

As a result, my mommy started to live with me again. For my mommy, she was able to get back a happy life with me.


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