This was the story of a small dog that kept watching the bonds of a family (Episode 4)

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Illustration by Lashkevich Nataliya (Instagram : rinrinrin391)

This was the story of a small dog that kept watching the bonds of a family

Episode 4

Me, 15 years old

I was 15 years old at the time. Of course, when my mommy was away at work and even when my mommy was at home, I often spent my time sleeping.


Toko saying something ominous

And one day, Toko came to my mommy’s house and said something ominous. “I saw Rinse in quite a while, but she looks really small now. I feel like this is the last time I can see Rinse. So, I’ll hug her a lot today.”


I was happy to see my mommy when she came home from work

Then one day, when my mommy came back from work, I was really happy to see her and ran around her feet just as usual.


My mommy’s hand accidentally hit me in my eye

At that moment, my mommy’s hand accidentally hit me in my eye.
I narrowed my eye and I felt something different with a little pain.
So, I tried to rub my eye on the floor frequently.


My mommy took me to the vet

The next day, I had bad eye mucus, so my mommy took me to the vet immediately. She was told to wait and see for a while. The vet gave me some eye drops and we went back home.


My mommy took me to an eye doctor

It was getting better once, but finally, I couldn’t open my eye anymore because of the eye mucus. Maybe it was because I rubbed my eye on the floor again. So, my mommy took me to the vet again. Then, the vet said to me… I got a hole in my eye. After that, my mommy took me to an eye doctor. The diagnosis I got there was that my eyes were becoming white since quite a while ago and it was because the salt was coming up to my eyes’ surface and my eyes were soft and swollen. So, only a little dust could damage my eyes. Since then, I started to do treatments for my eyes seriously.


Worrisome days

When I wasn’t so energetic, my mommy took me to an emergency hospital even at midnight. I got a drip there and felt better, then ate some food. I was repeating things like that. I felt a little better after getting a drip, so I ate dog food and my favorite cheese as much as I can.


I couldn’t walk at all

Maybe those weren’t good for me. One morning, I wasn’t able to walk at all suddenly.


I was in a severe condition

I hurried to the hospital and I was immediately hospitalized. The diagnosis was pancreatitis. The vet said that the blood test value was extremely abnormal, and I was in a severe condition.


My condition was very bad

That night, Toko came all the way to my place by a bullet train. The next day, Koh also came to my place. They came to the hospital in 3 people, but my condition was very bad, and I couldn’t tell if I was conscious or not.


A miracle

On the third day in the hospital, Koh, Toko, and my mommy came to the hospital together again. I was laying down until yesterday, but once I saw them, I was able to run around energetically. I was so happy that I wagged my tail a lot and jumped on the cage again and again toward everyone.


The shine of life

All three of them were crying with joy and carried me in their arms taking turns. According to the vet, it was really surprising to see me being happy and cheerful by meeting my family all of a sudden. The blood test value was becoming better like a miracle. That day, Koh and Toko felt relieved to see me being well and they went back to their home.


my mommy came to the hospital to see me again

My mommy coming to the hospital

The next day, my mommy went to work. At 2 P.M., my mommy came to the hospital to see me again. She believed to see me being cheerful like yesterday and her steps were bouncing.


I couldn’t hear my mommy’s voice

The nurse guided my mommy to the same place as yesterday. When my mommy saw me, she immediately thought something was wrong with me and called me “Rinse” in a fluster. But I wasn’t able to hear my mommy’s voice and I was just sitting there without any reaction.


Noticed my mommy

My mommy was amazed and took me out of the cage in haste. She carried me in her arms and called for the vet in a loud voice. Maybe she thought that it wasn’t good to hold me, so she softly put me in the cage again.


I tried to stand up but I fell down

I tried to stand up right away, but I fell down and slammed my body. I tried to stand up once more, but I fell down again.


The last time with my mommy

I had kidney failure and it hurt very badly that I couldn’t move my body at all and I was just snarling at a big voice. My mommy cried and petted me again and again.


Good-bye to my mommy

The next day, my mommy had to go to work and she wasn’t able to stay with me the whole night. Many reasons went through her mind. There was my mommy, who seemed like she realized everything or having no emotion at all. But my mommy left the hospital at 10:30 P.M.


Notice of a critical condition

The next morning around 6 A.M., the vet called my mommy to tell that I’m in a critical condition. When my mommy came to the hospital, I was laying on a place like an operating table in the treatment room and getting a cardiac massage. Seeing this situation, my mommy got in a panic and she was crying out “Rinse!”


I’m always always together with my family

Still now, I’m alive in all my family member’s hearts. I’m always always together with them who I love so much.


This was the story of a small dog that kept watching the bonds of a family.

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