Animation “2/14 of My Precious Memories”

パラパラ漫画 Pet Loss

Animation “2/14 of My Precious Memories”

I have lost three dogs in a row over the past few years, year 2017, 2019, and 2020

and for the first time in my life, I am living without my dog.

They were all old dogs, so the time of their deaths coincided with each other,

but all three dogs died due to my negligence.

I still feel regret and blame myself badly.

I have been making films of them,

wanting to leave a tangible proof of their lives,

and changing my anger and frustration into energy to make myself creative.

This time, I have made a film about my second child “AI”, an adopted dog

The meeting and parting with Ai,

I wanted to make the proof of Ai’s life in shape.

This animation made that wish come true.

I hope this film will be of some encouragement to those who are suffering from pet loss.

I would be grateful if you would watch it.

Thank you very much.


Persons involved in making this film

▲ Original Work
▲ Music Supervision
Ginshiro Akiya
▲ Music
SHOW! International College of Music and Entertainment
Kazuki Endo, A-, sato, Kazune Nakano
▲ Story Script
aguri, Ginshiro Akiya, Hachimarumon
▲ Illustration, Animation, Video Editing
▲ English Translation


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