This was the story of a small dog that kept watching the bonds of a family (Episode 1)

こうくんと私は大の仲良し。遊ぶ時も、おやつを食べる時も、寝る時もいつも一緒でした Animated-Story
Illustration by Lashkevich Nataliya (Instagram : rinrinrin391)

This was the story of a small dog that kept watching the bonds of a family

Episode 1

Scene of domestic violence

Before I come to this house, Koh, a third-grader in junior high school was very into martial arts. He was just in his rebellious age and he was being pretty violent. So, my mommy had a hard time and had no idea what to do with him.


Mommy looking back at the time when her son was a child.

When Koh was little, he was a very kind boy and he used to love a stuffed dog. The name of the dog was Mi-chan and he made a long story titled “Mi-chan’s Big Adventure.” So, the family decided to have a dog because it might calm down Koh’s rough feelings a little.


A small 2-month-old puppy came to our home.

Me, at 2 months old, came to this house. My mommy and Toko happily watched soft and limp 2-month-old me. On the other hand, Koh wasn’t happy, and he turned his back on me. He intentionally ignored me, and he was being cautious.


A scene showing my mommy's son accepting the puppy as his dog.

It seems like Koh was testing me for a while whether I’m good enough for his dog. Finally, it looked like I passed his test. He invited some of his good friends and they all looked into my cage. He was talking about me to his friends really happily.


The son and the puppy are playing hide and seek in the house.

Then, Koh and I became very good friends and I was named Rinse. Koh played hide and seek with me at home and he shared his snacks to me. Koh and I were always, always together.


Koh and I sleeping together

Of course, we slept together every night.


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