This was the story of a small dog that kept watching the bonds of a family (Episode 2)

シンガポール国立博物館にお母さんと行きました Animated-Story
Illustration by Lashkevich Nataliya (Instagram : rinrinrin391)

This was the story of a small dog that kept watching the bonds of a family

Episode 2

Departure to Singapore

Koh entered university and Toko started to live in a dorm of high school. When they both left their home, my mommy and daddy started to live separately. My mommy wanted to improve her career, so she found a job in Singapore and took me to Singapore together.


Being apart with mommy for animal quarantine

Because of the animal quarantine mooring, I had to be apart from my mommy for a month. When my mommy goes home, I was very sad. I stuck to the cage of a moorage, watched straightly to my mommy, and barked in a loud voice.


Going to mommy's office together by bus

Finally, one-month quarantine mooring was finished, and I was able to live with my mommy. My mommy took me to her office every day by a crowded bus without an air conditioner. I was hiding in a suitcase that my mommy modified for me and I went to the office together with my mommy every day.


Waiting for my mommy until she finishes her work

At my mommy’s office, I slept the whole day under my mommy’s desk in the office and waited for my mommy to finish her work.


Rinse playing with her mommy's colleagues

At my mommy’s office, foreigners were really nice to me. During the lunch break, they gave me some lunch and played with me chasing each other. They were all nice and took care of me a lot.


Viva Singapore with Rinse! 

Merlion park


National Museum of Singapore


Singapore specialty at Hawker centre

Merlion Park, National Museum of Singapore, and Hawkers, anywhere I went, I was always with my mommy.


Last notice

My mommy went back to Japan for a while, and one day when she met Koh and had a talk with him, Koh told her with anger in his face that if she won’t come back to Japan with me immediately, he’ll disown her. Then, my mommy decided to go back to Japan.


Return home

On the flight back to Japan, Thai Airways was able to bring in pets to the cabin. I was in the cage under my mommy’s seat. My mommy and I were very happy because we can go back to Japan.


Thai International Airport

At the transit point, Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Thailand, my mommy put me in a cart, and we walked around in the airport where Louis Vuitton and many luxurious duty-free shops stand. The salespeople in the shops and people passed by us looked into my cage and said hello to me with a smile.


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