Viva Singapore with Rinse! A New Life Started in August 2005

Pet Loss
At Singapore Botanic Garden

My son started his university life and my daughter entered her second year in a dorm. I made this opportunity as my turning point and went to Singapore for my career enhancement! In August 2005, I came to Singapore with my dearest pet dog, Rinse. I’m pretty nervous because it’s my first time living abroad, but I’d like to have a good time with Rinse.

Off to Singapore with Rinse!

Here, I came to Singapore with Rinse. I’m pretty nervous, but I’d like to have fun with Rinse. Nice to meet you, Merlion!


Live in a High-Rise Condominium

A view from my room

There was a pool, a sauna, and a big courtyard with tropical and resort-like atmosphere. The view from the high-rise condominium was fantastic!


Rinse getting excited on a marble floor

Wow! The floor is made of marble and it’s shiny! Rinse looks very happy, too! From now on, I’m going to go to my office from here every day, located in Jurong industrial area. My manager had great consideration for us, and Rinse is also allowed to go to the office with me! (appreciation and tears)


Modified Suitcase Was Perfect for Going Out

Taking a nap in the modified suitcase

I did some work on a suitcase and made it a carrier for Rinse. I made many holes on the suitcase with a stick to make the air go through inside and I put in some cold packs in the front pocket to make it cooler. This carrier was a great use for all three years. Rinse loved going out with this carrier. When she noticed that I’m going out, she went in there by herself and she was ready to go! Even if we weren’t going outside, she was sleeping inside… having a good sleep (haha)


Toko Came to Singapore During Her School Holidays

Toko in Singapore

In November, my daughter Toko came to Singapore to visit us.


My Greatest Gratitude

Rinse lived in Singapore when she was 3 to 6 years old. I was really happy to live with Rinse 24/7 for 3 years when she was most active. I really want to thank my 2 children who allowed me to go to Singapore and my boss who allowed Rinse to come together with me every day to the office.

Thank you very much.


Under the strong sunshine of Singapore


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