Adult Children Are Forever-Young, They Make Efforts Without Any Compromise Until They Reach to Happiness

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Matryoshka Dolls from Russia

Adult Children Don’t Look Old

It’s a sudden confession, but I think of myself as an adult child survivor. Why I can say myself as a survivor is because I’m now able to see myself objectively as an adult child.

The definition of adult children is very profound and difficult. I also don’t fully understand it. So, today, I’d like to write about my own opinion.

About 10 years ago, I borrowed a lot of books related to adult children at the library and read them. Somewhere in one of the books had written about it, and it had a big impact on me. I still remember that part.

“Adult children don’t age on their appearance.” It said that they look comparatively young and the nuance was like they are beautiful and cute.

I’m not pretty or beautiful, but the clothes I have look fairly young. And there is one thing I always do. Anytime and any season, I always put sunscreen on my face and neck and I’m never lazy about redoing sunscreen.

Suntan is caused by ultraviolet rays, but I heard that there are two types of ultraviolet rays. One causes spots or suntans and another one causes wrinkles. Both of them are scary… That’s why I always put a lot of sunscreen on even during the winter or on rainy days. And I put on sunscreen often in a day.

Adult Children Don’t Compromise

My story ran off the track a little, but on my personal opinion, I think adult children never compromise.

Commonly, children are supposed to be loved a lot by their parents, get to depend their parents, be praised by their parents, build their precious self-esteem, know to trust people, learn, and freely expand their curiosity. And they were supposed to have a great childhood full of adventure and dream… but they weren’t able to. Therefore, there’s a deep resentment in their minds.

Even during their youth, they were supposed to be happy-go-lucky and be crazy about love, hobbies, and studying. But they were in a dark and grievous long tunnel. Maybe they’re not actually realizing it, but they might be trying to get back bright and fun youth in some way. Anyhow, they’re really persistent and they can’t compromise on things easily. Compared to others, they have stronger longing for happiness. What they consider as happiness is different in each person, but when it comes to extreme, they secretly hope to become Cinderella, wait for Prince Charming, want to make a fortune at a stroke, hope for an American dream or so on… They aim at it forever and very persistently. And they are believing it somewhere in their minds. That moment will come someday.

Adult Children Are Hard-Working People

For those reasons, I think adult children have a potential to gain a big-name that would become a driving force behind the world. That’s what I think as a would-be adult child survivor.

Therefore, including the appearance, I want to keep myself as young as I could or keep the condition of a child. And I try my best for anti-aging care every day with obsession about getting back things that I couldn’t do when I was a child or a youth.

If adult children achieved their dreams and became happy and fulfilled, would they get old quickly like Urashima Taro that opened the treasure casket? I still can’t age yet. So, I’m fighting with the laws of gravitation every day.

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