ANA’s Wheelchair Support Was Very Helpful on the Trip to Hong Kong with My Mother!

Cookie the dog, the character only available in Hong Kong Disneyland Daughterly Duty
Cookie the dog, the character only available in Hong Kong Disneyland
ANA’s Wheelchair Support Was Very Helpful on the Trip to Hong Kong with My Mother!!

From January 2 to 5, 2019, my mother and I went to Hong Kong. Before the trip, I suggested my mother many times to buy a wheelchair to take it to our trip, but she said that she wants to walk on her own feet as much as she can, and she didn’t want to rely on a wheelchair yet. So, I made an easy plan, and we didn’t take a wheelchair on the trip. (We still haven’t bought a wheelchair yet.)

Instead, we used ANA’s wheelchair support when we move in the airport after the arrival in Hong Kong and after coming back to Japan. Hong Kong International Airport was huge, and there was quite a distance until we get out of the airport after arriving in Hong Kong. So, I think it was impossible for my mother to walk that long distance on her foot. Also, there were long lines at the immigration, but we were able to complete the immigration from the priority lane and smoothly leave the airport. We went to the hotel from the airport by the airport shuttle of the hotel that costs HK$170 per person. Because of that, we were able to go to the hotel quickly, and my mother was able to rest a little. So, by the evening, she recovered enough energy to go to the famous Jade Market in Hong Kong.

We stayed at Harbour Grand Hong Kong. On the way to the hotel, there was an extremely steep sloping road. It seemed like only passenger cars can go through this road.

A very steep road in Hong Kong

We Enjoyed Asking for Discounts at the Jade Market in Kowloon!

It took about 30 minutes by taxi from the hotel to the Jade Market in Kowloon. At the Jade Market, my mother skillfully negotiated for a discount, and she bought a lot of bracelets for souvenirs. I bought a jade ring and a pendant head. My mother was very good at getting a discount, and it was very fun to watch her bargain about the price in a good rhythm with the local shop owners. I actually didn’t know that the Jade Market close at 5 P.M. and we went there a little before 5 P.M. We couldn’t see the shops thoroughly, so we went there again on the next day to buy souvenirs.

Hong Kong Jade Market

The View from the Hotel Was Fantastic!

The hotel we stayed at was Harbour Grand Hong Kong. Amazing!!! The view from the club lounge on the 41st floor was so beautiful. I took a picture when we went to have breakfast at the club lounge by paying an additional fee.

The view from the club lounge of the hotel

We Couldn’t See Victoria Peak, But…

On the second day, we went to the Jade Market again in the morning and bought a lot of jade souvenirs! After that, we also went to the Ladies’ Market.

At night, we went to JTB’s night view tour with a guide that can speak Japanese. But, it was totally my bad choice. While we head to the tram station that bounds for Victoria Peak, we had to go up and down on the stairs in the subway station to go across the road, and it was a difficult course for my mother. But she was walking as much as she can. She walked her best while enjoying talking with other Japanese people joining the tour, but she finally gave up in front of the stairs to the tram station. So, unfortunately, we couldn’t reach Victoria Peaks. However, we were able to enjoy A Symphony of Lights!

Watching A Symphony of Ligh

An Easy Trip with a Wheelchair in Hong Kong Disneyland!

On the third day, and on the JTB tour again, we went to Hong Kong Disneyland in Lantau Island located on the west of the city area. We borrowed a wheelchair and moved around with a wheelchair in the park. Hong Kong Disneyland is not big, so it was a good size to spend a day with my mother. We didn’t have to wait so much to ride the attractions, and it was very amusing.

Jungle River Cruise of Hong Kong Disneyland

Cookie Was Super Cute!

In the Duffy and Friends shop in Hong Kong Disneyland, Cookie the dog, the character only in Hong Kong Disneyland, was very cute. I really wanted to buy Cookie, but she was very expensive for me, so I put up with her and just took pictures of her instead.

In front of the Duffy and Friends shop in Hong Kong Disneyland

Cookie the dog, the character only in Hong Kong Disneyland

Afternoon tea in Hong Kong Disneyland

We had afternoon tea in the café. Look, there’s Cookie on the top!

The wheelchair service in Hong Kong Disneyland was terrific. We were able to ride Jungle River Cruise by the priority lane. The staff there supported us very promptly while we get on and get off the boat.

A fun trip to Hong Kong ended, and we went back to Japan on the fourth day. At the airport when we came back to Japan, we used ANA’s wheelchair service again, and very nice ANA lady staff pushed my mother’s wheelchair to the exit. Because of that, my mother and I were able to enjoy a comfortable trip without getting too tired!

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