Six-panel-comics-AI-chan 10 “My Mom’s Decision”

Six-panel-comics-AI-chan10 "My Mom's Decision" Pet Loss
Six-panel-comics-AI-chan10 "My Mom's Decision"

“My Mom’s Decision”
Six-panel-comics by Chieri


Because I had heart disease, I wasn’t good at hot weather. There was a possibility of having pulmonary edema again, so mom made the rooms always nice and cool with the air conditioner.

But July came, and natural disasters can occur more during this season. Mom worried about blackouts due to a disaster, so she started to look up the solar power generation system, portable batteries, and so forth on the Internet.

As mom searched about those, she also found a heart surgery that I can go through. Before, she thought that surgery was very difficult, and it was hard to undergo, but she found out that many dogs were waiting for the operation, and 90% of them will succeed. Mom decided to visit a vet who was professional at heart surgery and make me undergo a test.


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The meeting and parting with AI, an adopted dog
I wanted to make the proof of AI’s life in shape.
This animation made that wish come true.
The link of the film is below:

I hope this film will be of some encouragement to those who are suffering from pet loss. 
I would be grateful if you would watch it. 


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