The Second One of “Three Major Spanish Resort Hotels That I Want to Stay,” Shima-Chichukaimura Has Doggy Suite, and It’s a Great Little-Known Spot!

Daughterly Duty
Shima-Chichukaimura Main Water Fountain

The Second One of “Three Major Spanish Resort Hotels That I Want to Stay,” Shima-Chichukaimura” Has Doggy Suite, and It’s a Great Little-Known Spot!

I chose 3 accommodation facilities under the theme of “Three major Spanish resort hotels that I want to stay.”

  1. Miyako Resort Shima Bayside Terrace (former Umibe Hotel Prime Resort Kashikojima)
  2. Shima-Chichukaimura
  3. Hotel Shima Spain Mura

Shima-chichukaimura is in Hamajima-cho, Shima-shi, Mie. It’s the best little-known spot in the 3 hotels listed above. The location looks out the marvelous scenery of Ago Bay, and you can see a beautiful view from anywhere. This resort facility opened as a members-only-club villa in the 1990s, so everything is genuine and high-class, and it seems like another world. It feels like we’re in a foreign country, and even the air feels beautiful, too. All the white houses that form this beautiful townscape are guest rooms.

Shima-Chichukai, A beautiful view of Ago Bay

Stayed in a Luxurious “Doggy Suite”

Shima-Chichukaimura is very popular for a one-day trip, too. After visiting several times, I stayed here for the first time in December 2012 with my mother, daughter, and 2 lovely dogs. The “Doggy Suite” is a room that can stay with dogs and it was a villa-type guest room of 120 meters square big where you can enjoy the bay view from all the rooms. The bedroom and the living room were separated, and the furniture and furnishings were all genuine-oriented and gorgeous. It made me feel like I’m in a mansion of a foreign country. There are only 2 Doggy Suites, so we need to make an early reservation.

Doggy Suite

A big balcony on the mezzanine floor in front of the entrance

A big living room with terracotta floor

The doggy also walks around the big room

Having a walk in the big balcony on the mezzanine floor in front of the entrance

A Lot of Activities Are Prepared

We experienced handicrafts at the craft studio ManoMano

My mother, my daughter, and I each made a mosaic tile work!

I made a pot stand, my mother made a jewelry box, and my daughter made a clock. It was a surprise for me, but afterward, my daughter gave me the clock she made. She said that she chose the color I like, and I really like it!

The mosaic tile clock made by my daughter

We enjoyed a course dinner at Restaurant RIAS. The way to the restaurant going down the hill was lit up on both sides, and the view was very beautiful.

Café Amigo was very cute. There were also seats that we can go with our pet dog.

Amigo, a café with seats you can take your pet dog

In May 2018, I enjoyed an Ago Bay cruise with my acquaintance from Australia and my mother on a day trip. The cruise took 30 minutes leisurely and there were thorough explanations from a guide, so it was really good.

In 2018, it seems like they expanded the guest room area and they built a natural hot spring spa only for staying guests. It sounds like the place is now more enjoyable than before.

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