Six-panel-comics-AI-chan 14 “A Drive to the Milky Way”

Six-panel-comics-AI-chan14 "A Drive to the Milky Way" Pet Loss
Six-panel-comics-AI-chan14 "A Drive to the Milky Way"

“A Drive to the Milky Way”
Six-panel-comics by Chieri


I was so tired because I had an operation. It seemed like I fell asleep again, and I was dreaming.

It was kind of weird, but I saw my previous mom opening her arms and waiting to hug me. I knew that my heart disease was now fine, and I can run as much as I want, so I rushed where my previous mom was. Then, I jumped high directly into her arms.

My previous mom hugged me tightly and kissed me many times to my cheeks. After that, she opened the door of the car that was parked near us. I jumped inside that familiar car like I used to do before. Now, it’s time to go for a drive!


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The meeting and parting with AI, an adopted dog
I wanted to make the proof of AI’s life in shape.
This animation made that wish come true.
The link of the film is below:

I hope this film will be of some encouragement to those who are suffering from pet loss. 
I would be grateful if you would watch it. 


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