Feeling Like Hepburn With a Choker, Romantic Fashion Style in Autumn and Winter

Feeling Like Hepburn With a Choker My Favorites
Feeling Like Hepburn With a Choker

Let’s Wear a Choker to Make Your Neck Stylish!

It’s a sad thing, but the neck shows our age the most. When I see a beautiful celebrity on TV, I can’t help myself seeing around her neck when she is pretty old.

The neck area doesn’t look so good when it’s shown incompletely. If the decollete area (the area from the neck to the breast) is shown openly and boldly, it looks like “Bravo!” and much more beautiful for older women.

I can’t really feel confident when accessories can’t hide my wrinkles around the neck where I concern the most.

On that point, chokers remind me of my favorite Audrey Hepburn and make my neck look attractive.

I’ve been wearing a choker regularly from long ago, and I always wear it in my office, too. It’s now like my trademark.

I like the ones made of velvet the most because they look like Hepburn’s style and romantic. But there are many other fashionable designs recently, so it’s really fun to wear chokers!

I’ll show my collection including the Hepburn’s style ones. Why don’t you try wearing chokers next autumn and winter?

Velvet looks romantic

Elegant style with lace chokers

One-touch type chokers

Change pendant heads to make them my original style

These are the perfect Audrey Hepburn style


My most favorite choker

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