There Used to Be Animal Quarantine Mooring for One Month When Entering Singapore

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I was really happy when coming back to Japan from Singapore with Rinse.

I still remember that day as it was like yesterday.

Preparation for Quarantine Procedure Was Very Fearful

When entering Singapore and going back to Japan, the dog’s quarantine procedure was a very big work. If there’s even only one mistake on the procedure or the paper, only Rinse can’t enter or go back to the country. I was really afraid of that situation and I was very very nervous when preparing the papers and following the procedures. Therefore, I still clearly remember that happy feeling when I was able to come back to Japan with Rinse in 2008 without any problems.

The quarantine at the time in Singapore, it was necessary for the animals to stay at the animal quarantine for a month since the day of entering into Singapore even though all the necessary vaccinations are done and there’s a proof of antibodies. It cost about total of 120 thousand yen for a month for the dog’s room in the quarantine station and optional fee for an air conditioner. Including the vaccinations before leaving Japan, I think I spent around total of 150 thousand yen for all the things needed.

Experienced Quarantine Mooring Twice

Rinse experienced mooring in a quarantine station twice. First time was in 2005, when she first came to Singapore. Then, we went back to Japan once during our 3-year-stay, so the second time was when she reentered Singapore. I made her experience quarantine mooring twice and I really felt sorry for making her feel lonely.

Especially when we entered Singapore for the first time in 2005, the quarantine station at the time was old and dirty. There were mosquitos flying around and I was really afraid of Rinse getting dengue.

I was able to visit her there, but the visiting hours were my work time on weekdays. So, for a month, with my boss’ kind consideration, I worked during my lunch time and I got permission to leave my office 30 minutes before the finishing time. I went to the quarantine station by taxi just 10 minutes before the closing time and I met Rinse every day for only 10 minutes. On the weekends, I spent my time with Rinse for the whole visiting hours in a room like a solitary cell.

It’s still a memory that makes me feel a pain in my heart. But every time I visited there, Rinse brought a toy to me and played cheerfully in that room like a solitary cell. She was such a playful, cute, and energetic girl.



No Mooring for a Month Anymore

Just today, I found out that there is no more mooring for a month in the quarantine station in Singapore. Ten years have passed since then, but when did they abolished it? I was amazed. But I feel that it was good news because it was such a painful experience.


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