My Favorites

Feeling Like Hepburn With a Choker, Romantic Fashion Style in Autumn and Winter

It’s a sad thing, but the neck shows our age the most. Chokers make me imagine my favorite Hepburn, and show my neck beautiful. Other than basic romantic ones, there are many kinds of chokers and very fun to wear!
My Favorites

I’m Looking for a One-Shot Girls’ Manga, and I Think It Appeared in “Ribbon”

Do you have an old manga that you really want to read again? It was a romantic story that I read when I was a child, and I suppose it was a one-shot manga in a monthly girls’ magazine called “Ribbon.” But it was a manga around 50 years ago, so I can’t find it at all even if I search it on the Internet.
Daughterly Duty

Practicing Filial Piety Is Training, Just in My Case, Though

Hikaru Utada was looking back over her past and telling that she had kept on messed with by her mother’s unpredictable words and behavior.
Mental and Physical Health

Adult Children Are Forever-Young, They Make Efforts Without Any Compromise Until They Reach to Happiness

Adult children survivors are people who made efforts every day and never compromised until they reach to the happiness they imagined. I’ll tell you my opinion about why adult children don’t age.
Pet Loss

A Letter for My Dearest Rinse After a Month Since Her Death

This is a letter for my dearest Rinse that I wrote after a month since her death. I was still very confused at the time. Rinse was a very sweet, precious, and important member of our family for all the family members and me. I hope this letter reaches Rinse in heaven.
Pet Loss

There Used to Be Animal Quarantine Mooring for One Month When Entering Singapore

The quarantine at the time in Singapore, it was necessary for the animals to stay at the animal quarantine for a month since the day of entering into Singapore even though all the necessary vaccinations are done and there’s a proof of antibodies.
Pet Loss

The days Rinse and I spent together with only two of us is my precious memory now.

To think back about my lonely days with Rinse means to think back my whole life. I think it also means to think seriously how to live now and the future. With this blog “TOKIMEKI COUNTDOWN,” I definitely want to find a way to live now and the future happily.
Pet Loss

Viva Singapore with Rinse! A New Life Started in August 2005

I came to Singapore with my dearest pet dog, Rinse. I’m pretty nervous because it’s my first time living abroad, but I’d like to have a good time with Rinse.
3D Figures of 3D PETSHOP

My Third 3D Figure Is Finally Completed! Made by a Company Introduced on NHK Ohayo Nippon’s “Machikado Johoshitsu”

I ordered my third 3D figure to 3D PETSHOP, a company that makes pet’s 3D figure which was introduced on NHK’s Machikado Johoshitsu, and it’s finally finished!
3D Figures of 3D PETSHOP

Pet’s 3D Figure Maker Introduced by NHK, My Order Is Currently on Progress

It was about a month and a half after my dearest pet dog, Rinse’s death when I ordered Rinse’s figure to 3D PETSHOP. The studio was introduced on NHK’s TV program, Ohayo Nippon in the segment called “Machikado Johoshitsu.”
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