Pet Loss

Six-panel-comics-AI-chan 8 “Overcome”

One day in May, it was an unusually hot and humid day. I wasn’t so good from the morning, and I didn’t want to eat so much.
Pet Loss

Six-panel-comics-AI-chan 7 “Spoiled Girl”

I loved mom. I always chased after her. Even when she goes to the bathroom, I chased after her and waited for her in front of the bathroom.
Pet Loss

Six-panel-comics-AI-chan 6 “Compare”

Rinse was a very cute girl, and even a professional photographer asked her to be a model.
Pet Loss

Six-panel-comics-AI-chan 5 “A Walk”

During a good season, mom always took us for a walk every morning and evening.
Pet Loss

Six-panel-comics-AI-chan 4 “The Distance”

When we went back to mom’s home, Shampoo, which was adopted 5 years ago by mom, welcomed me. My new life with mom and Shampoo started.
Pet Loss

Six-panel-comics-AI-chan 3 “Each Start of New Life”

When mom saw me for the first time, maybe she thought I looked just like Rinse. She decided to take me home.
Pet Loss

Six-panel-comics-AI-chan 2 “Good-Bye”

My previous mom raised 4 dogs, my whole family. She was a really kind lady, and we were living very happily.
Daughterly Duty

The First Year of Reiwa, Hawaii Trip with My Mother (A Trip of Great Encounters DAY-3)

The articles about the 3-day trip in Hawaii are written in a series. DAY-1, DAY-2, and DAY-3, they are divided into 3 articles by the day of our stay. This article writes about DAY-2, “The First Year of Reiwa, Hawaii Trip with My Mother (A Trip of Great Encounters DAY-3).”
Pet Loss

Six-panel-comics-AI-chan 1 “Encounter”

My mom lost her beloved pet, Rinse in May 2017. Mom raised Rinse since she was a baby until 15 years and 5 months old.
Pet Loss

Looked for a Perfect Grave of My Beloved Dog

I was looking for a cute grave perfect for my super bright and playful Rinse. I looked at various items, and I finally found a perfect one for Rinse! You can engrave a picture on the tombstone from your favorite photo!
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